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We come from a middle eastern background and found ourselves in this country with the hope of a better and brighter future like many before us. With us we brought our recipes. Cooking was a way for us to remember where we came from, and we liked to remember. The incredible aromas would fill the entire house and send us all in a trance. All outside noise seemed to fade away when Mama and Baba called for dinner. Biting into that steaming kebab seemed to displace all negative emotion and exasperate happiness. We founded this restaurant with the hopes of sharing these feelings and the wonderful taste of our childhood and culture with the rest of the world. 


This is a family business and we intend on treating everyone like family. Every guest will be respected and appreciated as such. We believe everyone deserves a break from life. A chance where they can travel in their minds and spirits away from the stresses of each and everyday and simply enjoy the meal in front of them. Our mission is to be that spiritual flight to your utopia. We will get you there through our family hospitality coupled with our unique original tastes and smells.  

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